23 Aug 2020

Press Statement: Launch of the AMM-COS Basic Surgical E-Training Management Platform


23 August 2020

Launch of the AMM-COS Basic Surgical E-Training Management Platform

On 23rd August 2020, the College of Surgeons and Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) launched the AMM-COS Basic Surgical E-Training Management Platform, an online management platform for centralized coordination and documentation of basic surgical training (BST). Progress of trainees in BST is underpinned by workplace-based assessments.

The collection, storage, retrieval and review of trainee workplace-based assessments and feedback has largely been a manual process that is tedious for both specialist trainers and trainees. The AMM’s E-training Management Platform (EMP) allows surgical trainers to electronically log and monitor surgical trainees’ performance according to the curriculum. This curriculum is also embedded into the online system to ensure ease of use for both sides. Moreover, the use of technology would ensure better adherence to competency-based assessment frameworks and allow flexibility of movement for specialist in training.

Surgical training is just the first of many medical specialisations that we hope to see transition onto the AMM’s EMP. A similar platform for internal medicine training is currently being developed. 

In the last ten years, competency-based medical education and training has emerged as a more valid approach to medical education in many countries such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, compared to time-based medical training. Given the variability in patient volumes and case-mix, as well as differences in trainees’ learning curves, attainment of competencies are more likely to reflect one’s preparedness for unsupervised practice rather than length of time in training.

During this period also, Malaysia’s medical graduates have increased by 20%, but unfortunately, specialist training posts have not increased at a similar rate. On top of that, training at basic level needs to be better structured and coordinated, to minimize inefficiencies and shorten overall training duration.

We hope that platforms like AMM’s EMP can facilitate decentralization of training, thereby reducing the burden on specialist trainers in primary centres, and eventually creating more specialist and subspecialist training opportunities. This is one way we aim to support and complement the Ministry of Health in resolving the gap between postgraduate applicants and available training posts for specialists.

The College of Surgeons conducted a webinar to introduce the new EMP to surgical trainers and trainees on 24th and 25th July 2020, as well as provide an overview of the curriculum and workplace-based assessment tools. Additional workshops are being run on 22nd August 2020 to provide hands-on experience in interacting with the platform. The platform is now already accessible to surgical trainers and trainees.

We, the under-signed:

Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (Professor Dr Rosmawati Mohamed, Master)
College of Anaesthesiologists (Dato Dr Jahizah Hassan, President)
College of Dental Specialists (Professor Dato’ Dr Lian Chin Boon, President)
College of Emergency Physicians (Dr Ridzuan Dato’ Mohd Isa, President)
College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (Dr Michael Samy, President)
College of Ophthalmologists (Dr Nur Fariza Ngah, President)
College of Paediatrics (Professor Dr Thong Meow Keong, President)
College of Pathologists (Professor Dr Cheong Soon Keng, President)
College of Physicians (Dr Letchuman Ramanathan, President)
College of Public Health Medicine (Dato’ Indera Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman, President)
College of Radiology (Dr Amir Fuad Hussain, President)
College of Surgeons (Professor Dr April Camilla Roslani, President)

(The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, embracing 11 Colleges and 15 Chapters, is a registered body representing medical specialists in Malaysia)