The Council of the Academy of Medicine of Malysia met the Dato' Sri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman, Director-General of Health Malaysia, on 24th September 2012 and the Ministry of Health officials. The matters which were discussed included:

  1. The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia be nominated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) as a member of the Malaysian Medical Council as provided for in the amended Medical Act (1971);
  2. Postgraduate Training and Certification – The Academy plan to conduct specialist and subspecialist training in partnership with the Ministry of Health. The Academy through its Colleges shall award the certificate of completion of specialist and subspecialist training.
    The sub-specialty training programme has been initiated largely by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The Academy would like to work closely with the Ministry in the enhancement of its sub-specialty training programme. The Academy being a professional body will be able to assist in the programme and, in particular, the accreditation of trainers and training centres (private, university & government) as well as in assessment and certification. The Academy in collaboration with the Ministry can award certificates of completion of training.
  3. The Academy, as the guardian of professional standards in Malaysia , will continue to conduct and monitor CPD activities and monitoring specialist professional development.
  4. The Academy be tasked to assist the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) in the monitoring of CPD points for the purpose of revalidation of National Specialist Register (NSR) registration.
  5. The setting up of a National Medical Skills Training Centre to be a centre of excellence for the purpose of training doctors in specific skills in this country. At the moment, such training are conducted in ad-hoc centres located in MOH hospitals, universities and IMR. This will enable regular training programs and proper housing of all equipment for such training.